What is 60 Minute Fitness?

This is Group Fitness with Personal Attention:

As you come to our classes you will begin to notice the diverse range of participants. People of various age groups, fitness levels, and backgrounds all working hard and focused on one common goal...to be as healthy as they can be, and have fun doing it! Our instructors work with each individual on a personal level, making sure they are doing what is right for them and encouraging them in the way they need.

This is more than an exercise class, this is an experience:

During class there is a sense of unity as everyone is working hard. You are sweating and tired, but having the time of your life. After class you have the satisfaction of someone who has just accomplished a goal. You feel confident in yourself and know you can reach your goals. You feel like you are exactly on track to being in the best shape of your life!

Where do you start?

What to do before you begin? Before you begin suspension training, we recommend that you complete our Base camp classes to help prepare your body.

First Class Free!

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